• What they've given to the NYC startup community – through thought leadership, programming for their companies and friends, and leadership of key NYC networking communities – has made a real impact and is a big part of their ascendant reputation.

    ~ Eddie Kim, SimpleReach
  • There’s a reason I wanted to work with High Peaks again on my second company. Unwavering support, valuable insights, meaningful help with recruiting, and – critically important – steady, focused & 100% available. I wouldn’t want to start a company without them on my side.

    ~ Steve Ellis, Pump Audio & WhoSay
  • They were totally unique in the thoroughness and, ultimately, helpfulness of their diligence process. They concluded their process by joining us at an industry conference where their diligence work turned into actually helping me sell, landing some terrific leads. Incredibly valuable!

    ~ Lily Liu, PublicStuff
  • One of the critical early bets that teams place is in choosing their investors. Having raised over $75 million, I can honestly say that there’s nobody I’d rather have on my side than High Peaks.

    ~ Anil Aggarwal, TxVia
  • These guys have a deep understanding of a broad new class of companies that will have a massive impact on the tech landscape. They understood immediately what we were trying to do and why it’s so important. That was unique amongst the dozens of potential investors we spoke to.

    ~ Doug Chambers, CEO FieldLens
  • We went to Y Combinator last summer and we had our pick of investors when we graduated from the program. Having High Peaks in the deal was a no brainer. We were oversubscribed by 4x but we told them we wanted them in and carved out a piece of the round just for them.

    ~ Seth Bannon, Amicus
  • The High Peaks network was enormously helpful as we built our organization – at Pump they directly sourced our lead outside board member, CTO, CFO, and other key players.

    ~ Steve Ellis, Pump Audio & WhoSay


High Peaks makes Seed and Series A investments in industry transforming information technology companies. We are active investors who work closely with our companies, so we limit our investing to companies based in the northeast.

B2B SaaS & Mobile:

  • Mobile + social + high power cloud computing radically change the ability to extend sophisticated applications within and beyond enterprises
  • The consumer web changed everything in UX and application design
  • Business users are now technology buyers, disrupting the way applications penetrate the enterprise
  • Hundreds of vertical industries and horizontal enterprise activities were minimally impacted by the last 10 years of the web, but are now ripe for massive mobile and social-driven disruption
  • Deep domain expertise and exceptional user experience will be the critical determinants of success given an increasingly commoditized tech stack


  • Still in "Day One" of ecommerce, as Jeff Bezos says, at just 6.5% of global retail
  • Emergence of mobile commerce creating omnipresent engagement and purchase opportunities for consumers
  • Increasing pace of innovation in ecomm business models (witness flash sales, subscription commerce, etc.) continues to create opportunity for new entrants offering non-commodity products
  • As global E-commerce surpasses $1 trillion by 2016, the opportunities for enabling technologies and infrastructure is rapidly expanding
  • Ever-expanding importance of mobile, social, and other changing dynamics create opportunities for new tools and platforms to help manage a complex landscape
Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly of High Peaks
High Peaks took a chance on us in the depths of the recession, understanding our vision from the first meeting and encouraging us to set our sights on a big outcome.
~ Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly

The entrepreneurs with whom we partner are our greatest resource. Every element of our approach is oriented toward their success.


  • Not a high velocity shop - we are selective in our investing and take time to build relationships
  • Rigorous diligence: We will deeply understand your business, and work to bring opportunities to the table through our process
  • We’ll fund the very first $100K against a dream, or lead a larger, multi-party Series A
  • Flexible on deal sizes and structure – we let company needs dictate, not our fund dynamics


  • Your partner, not your boss - we have no more critical job each day than working for our portfolio
  • Aggressive reserves – capital to support you down the road
  • Deep networks to support follow-on financing
  • Structured operational support assets
  • Reliable? Absolutely. Drama? Definitely not. Steady, honest, predictable & available are the mantra
  • We walk this talk. We invite you to ask the CEOs we've backed to share their experiences
Ben McKean, Savored (Sold to Groupon) of High Peaks
These guys pushed us harder, and delivered more on our behalf, than I imagined any investor might do. For an early stage NYC company that fits their thesis, I don’t think there could be a better partner.
~ Ben McKean, Savored (Sold to Groupon)

We coordinate an array of assets that contribute to our companies and the broader community.

High Peaks University

  • Training sessions from industry leaders
  • Practical topics that drive operational change
  • Past sessions included media training, M&A, etc


  • Frequent, casual social events bring community together
  • Curated groups of community leaders in a variety of low-stress settings
  • Focus on fostering community connectedness

Summits & Peer Networking

  • Peer learning through regular peer summits for CEOs, CTOs, etc.
  • Partnered with Venwise for facilitated peer learning

Peak Pitch

  • Annual mashup of ski day and elevator pitch
  • Dozens of seed stage founders compete to be the best pitch on skis
  • Meet dozens of investors from across the country in a captive & mellow environment


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    Office Manager

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